Who? - GuitarworkshopSpain - yearly highlight for international Fingerstyle Guitar lovers in Altea, Spain

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Who can participate?

If you master some basic skills like chords, strumming, maybe a bit of fingerpicking and do have a solid basic knowledge of Guitar playing, you should do just fine. Whatever level of experience you have, we promise, that you will not be disappointed, there will be always plenty of challenges in further developing your skills.

The idea of this 1 week workshop is to give you some new fundamental, important "tools" to take home with you, so you will be able to improve on your techniques, composing, improvisation and get some inspiration to experiment with new approaches to percusive and Fingerstyle Guitar playing.

Our Teachers for 2024:


Award winning guitarist Maneli Jamal has wowed audiences around the world with his visual style of playing acoustic guitar. He incorporates many musical textures in his performances while keeping rhythm with his two hands but you'll swear he has a trio with him. You've got to visually see him live to experience what you thought is possible with the acoustic guitar. He has just reached 70 million Spotify plays, 5 million video views and 180,000+ followers on social media sites making him an artist to watch for. 
There aren’t many players in his style that have his balance of power and sensitivity, nor his breadth of ideas. His rhythmic concepts can be alternately short and dense, or explored carefully through several movements and real life stories. This becomes evident with having won countless music competitions around the world including most recently placing 1st at Canada’s Soundclash Music Awards. Maneli was also named one of the world's top 30 guitarists under 30 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. 

Shane Hennessy, Ireland

Shane Hennessy is a virtuoso guitarist and composer from Ireland, whose unique approach to the acoustic guitar has amazed audiences all over the world. His energetic contemporary guitar playing style and his cinematically vivid compositions tie in multiple influences from various world and ethnic musics. He has caught the attention of big names like guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel and super-producer Nile Rodgers (CHIC). His background in Irish traditional music has created a solid base for his genre-defying musical explorations. Shane’s style encompasses virtually every genre of music, tied together with unique energetic fingerpicking and flatpicking styles. In his repertoire, Shane touches on everything from jazz and classical pieces to blues and bluegrass, with Irish traditional, jazz manouche, progressive, and world influences thrown in the mix, as well as periodic bursts of energetic improvisation, and arrangements of well-known songs. Simply put: A wide range of different influences giving birth to a highly unic and touching style.

Heiko had 8 years of piano lessons in his youth and is a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist since nearly 2 decades now. He has toured through Spain, France and Germany and never failed to leave his audience in awe. His very unique style and compositions take us on to a journey into the unknown ...
Heiko has been teaching guitar in a very unconventional but successfull way since many years and will be focussing on percussive techniques and how to incorporate these into a song, plus he will share his thoughts on fundamental things such as composing, ear-training, and "guitar-secrets".
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